Oakwood Manor Bed and Breakfast
Oakwood Manor Bed and Breakfast

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Welcome to Oakwood Manor

Winner of the 2011 tourism atlantic technology award . The award was presented   to  Oakwood Manor at the Crystal Tourism Award of Excellence by the Tourism  Industry Association  of Nova Scotia.

Oakwood Manor nestled in Sunrise Valley In just a short drive off the Cabot trail in Cape North you will find the Oakwood Manor, nestled beneath the shadow of the North Mountain on a 300 hundred acre country estate in Sunrise Valley . The manor was built in 1930 by my father from lumber cut on the very land that it stands on today.  The interior is a blend of Oak, Rock Maple and Birds Eye Maple.  The ceilings and walls are Oak with inserts of Birds Eye Maple, the floors are Oak, Rock Maple, Birch and Beech and each room has its own unique floor.  After a short flight of stairs made of Oak and Birds Eye Maple you will reach the second floor hallway which is also a blend of Oak and Birds Eye Maple on walls, ceilings and floor.

Here you will find three rooms tastefully decorated to create a look of the past with modern day convenience, rooms have floors of Fir and Spruce.  The Suite is in a section which was added onto the main house; it has pine floors and a private entrance. 

Oakwood Barn There is a large barn (sorry no farm animals anymore) and a building that was used to store farm machinery, also a unique building that was once a forge where the local fishermen came to have various items made for their boats.
The grounds consist of three acres of mowed lawn with picnic tables, lawn chairs and gardens, surrounded by an old apple orchard that is frequently visited by moose, deer, coyotes, and the occasional bear.  The orchard was planted by my father in the 1920's.  A one mile walking trail leads from the lawn, travels to the base of the mountain that forms part of the Sunrise Valley. Depending on the season, the field displays a carpet of wild flowers and blueberries just waiting to be picked.